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Pheromone Perfumes



Pheromone Perfumes is five years ISO/GMP certified leading perfume Manufacturer in the region, we possess cutting edge of plants with state of the art Technology, which enables us to provide international standard products to our clients. Pheromone Perfumes provides the complete solution under one roof. The company Meets and satisfies the multiple range of the demanding Perfumes Oils and its raw Material.

Pheromone has its principle office in Dubai and manufacturing and operational plants in The Emirate of Sharjah, United Arab Emirate.Pheromone provides international Standards of services to its Clients based in four to five continents.

Pheromone’s highly qualified,experienced, efficient and effective team is familiar with the know how of perfumery and cosmetic industries. The team thinks out of the perfumery and cosmetic industry box in order to meet and exceed our clients’ desirable requirements. Through Pheromone’s enormous experience in serving the perfume oils and its raw material requirements of the key organizations, it has developed an extensive portfolio of products encompassing various Blends/Mukhallat, such as French and Oriental Fragrances, Variety of Unisex, Pour Homme and Pour Femme at very cost effective prices, which also provide competitive advantage to Pheromone.

We at Pheromone take a great pleasure to conduct market researches, which lead us to cater desirable fragrances/products for our consumer market and associated partners.


Pheromone provides the following services to its associated partners and third party Contract based clients in a highly safe, secure and professional environment with a great deal of secrecy in order to safe- guard clients’ brand


1: Our Company Perfumes also
2: Caps
3: Bottles
4: Pumps & Collars
5: Bottle Printing
6: Bottle foiling/hot stamping
7: Bottle coating
8: Box manufacturing
9: Perfume filling
10: End to end manufacturing
11: Private labeling


Pheromone has its dedicated research and development department consisting of hard working and skilled team. The philosophy behind the development of R&D ensures that each department adds significant value by reducing costs, improving processes and increasing productivity. It also encourages innovation and creativity, facilitates optimum utilization of available resources, and it reduces future risks and uncertainty constantly. In addition it helps in the delegation of authority to lower levels of management, and provides a sense of direction which guides


Pheromone’s top management is also aware of the fact that their workers are not just people providing goods and services. The management specifically keep an eye on rewarding employee efforts in achieving organizational goals and objectives. Pheromone organize workers into self-managed teams, having authority overmasters Such as quality control, scheduling and many work methods. An added aspect which Pheromone utilize more often is to show attention towards an individual or a group to implement higher responsibilities on them according to their capabilities, and they have been rewarded for such accomplishments.


Finish Products:
Pheromone Perfumes produce  450,000 units per month,
which mostly are exported to Middle East, Africa and Europe.
Private Labeling:
Pheromone Perfumes produce around 250,000 units for its third party
customer as a private labeling.
Customer Base:
Pheromone Perfumes have around 180 customers from four

Direct Employees Over 70
Contract employees Over 100
Pheromone Perfumes has its representative offices in Europe and
Africa, we are also planning to start new offices in South and North
America latest by first quarter of next year. Pheromone’s continuing
mission is to establish itself as the professional Perfumery provider
of choice. Furthermore, it expects to be trusted, valued and
respected by the global Perfumery Industry. Pheromone achieves
this by consistently meeting the individual needs of its clients
through quality of product, service and Delivery.